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Niranjini Rajagopal, 01/28/2013 07:01 pm

Building Energy Optimization

Project Description

The Building Energy Optimization System is a sensor network consisting of several power and environmental sensors to monitor and understand energy usage patterns with the objective of giving the user feedback on reducing the energy consumption.

System Components

The network architecture is shown in the figure below.

The Three-phase energy meter is used to measure the aggregate energy consumption of all appliances. Each plug-through power meter measures the energy of an individual appliance. Every magnetic-field based energy sensor is placed in the proximity of an appliance, and detects the state change when the appliance turns on or off. The environmental sensors measure the ambient light, temperature, audio, pressure, acceleration and humidity and detect human motion in the proximity. The thermal sensor is mounted on the ceiling and generates a thermal map upon scanning the entire room. The thermal and the environmental sensors data can be correlated with the per-appliance energy consumption and can give useful information on usage patterns, and can also help detect building and appliance faults.

Each of the sensors are described briefly below:
  • Environmental sensors

The figure below shows the environment sensing board with all its sensors labeled.

  • Thermal Sensor
  • Three-phase energy meter
  • Plug-through energy meter
    • 1 outlet (110-240VAC)
    • Mechanical relay switching
    • RMS Current, RMS Voltage, True Power, Apparent Power, Reactive Power, Power Factor
    • 2KHz Sampling Rate
    • 1W resolution with 1700W max load
    • Local processing support asynchronous pushing of power events on change
  • Magnetic-field based energy meter

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