Scaife Hall

This project seeks to test and refine a cyber-physical infrastructure for enabling large-scale secure, scalable and robust energy management applications, based on technologies developed at CMU under the Sensor Andrew project. Specifically, the objectives are to leverage these technologies to: (i) assess usage patterns of facilities and the loads in them so as to hypothesize relevant properties about the nature of loads (e.g. amount used, locations of loads, co- occurrence relations for interdependencies, duration, etc.), understanding their function and identifying possible waste and/or slack usage patterns, (ii) exploit identified waste and slack usage patterns to more efficiently allocate and dispatch loads over time, (iii) identify opportunities for further research in the areas of sensor-assisted facility management, pervasive computing and large- scale sensor data analytics.

A 40,000 sq. ft. academic building will be retrofitted this summer to act as the test-bed for these ideas. The building is ideal given that it has both old and new systems in place, making it a relatively rich and confined environment to monitor and control. The building has 4 floors, 140 rooms, 8 hallways, 10 electrical panels of 40 circuit brakers, as well as a well-contained HVAC system composed of four air-handling units and hundreds of pneumatically controlled fan coils. More details on Sensor Andrew can be found at:

Check out this scaife_hall_report.pdf for more details about the building.

Deployment Notes

  • Sensors
    • Floor A: 21 Sensors, 10 Thermostats, 21 Plugs
    • Floor 1: 30 Sensors, 18 Thermostats, 12 Plugs
    • Floor 2: 14 Sensors, 11 Thermostats, 22 Plugs
    • Floor 3: 24 Sensors, 22 Thermostats, 27 Plugs
    • Floor 4: 26 Sensors, 22 Thermostats, 25 Plugs
    • Total: 115 Sensors, 47 new Thermostats (83 total), 107 plugs

Scaife Floorplans

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